Rainy weather has not

suction method,
wet clothes wrapped in a dry towel,
clothes and dry towels at the same time roll up,
hard to twist,
dripping water.
In this way,
towels will soon absorb the moisture,
to avoid the water out of the clothes to be absorbed again,
to improve the dehydration effect.
Refrigerator freezing washed dry (try to wring) clothes,
wrapped with a towel,
then put 7,
8 hours in the freezer frozen out,
spread out to dry,
or on the balcony,
so dry the clothes dry quickly and not musty odor.
Xiao Bian believes that some of the better cloth clothing,
this method must be considered.
The black bag absorbs heat and uses a clean large black garbage bag (or a black cotton cloth to cut enough to cover the size of the clothes.
It is better to place it in a light and airy place with a