A Sino US Ampquot acrobatic diplomacy Ampquot film is about to be born

eloped more and more patterns.
After the TV series,
essays and pop songs,
people in Chinese film industry are becoming more and more big.
artists' paintings will be developed.
The day before,
in 2016,
Art Beijing Beijing Art Expo painting and film industry cross-border cooperation - a movie IP birth theme of the forum,
Beijing Taihe entertainment announced,
will the artist Mr.
Li Yousong new Manhattan series of paintings in China acrobatic film adaptation.
Manhattan China acrobatics the main performance of Sino US relationship in 1970s ice breaking,
the government sent a delegation to visit China acrobatic America launched the famous acrobatic diplomacy director He Ping,
Zhao Tianyu,
deputy general manager of Fu Jia Tai entertainment,
extraordinary art gallery f