[you ask me] fishing friends for help, you dare to answer it?

iends for help,
you dare to answer it? Dare to look down! Q1: small,
ask how should choose to catch carp fishing? Is it better to use a 7.
2 meter pole than 5.
4 meters? Q2: yesterday in a water pond (natural growth,
not fish feeding,
clear water,
water depth of about one meter) fishing pond,
visual four or five pounds of carp,
fishing time from 12 noon to half past five in the afternoon,
fishing is not tilapia,
what reason is this? Q3: Xiao Bian,
what's the correct drift method for fishing? How should I adjust the heading and the fishing order? Xiao Bian can only cast a brick and stick to it! It may be this drop of small carp fishing fishing A1: to find the best growth of water plants,
or near shore where there is humus.
Rainy season,
optional channel,
branch or stream