Price war is not listed or the private enterprises sell better than foreign brands also depends on what 6 billion 500 million years

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click on the above topic we concern electricity daily Author: Yang Qinkun (WeChat ID:iyqkpd) source: Business (ID:sj998_) when after dinner,
Mao Zhong like usual,
take out a Analects of Confucius read from the bookshelf,
the wall clock ticking away,
he immersed himself in with the saints dialogue.
In 1996,
Mao Zhongqun and his father founded the Ningbo FOTILE kitchenware Co.
which has been for 20 years.
from 20 years ago,
the subversion,
the growth of leading enterprises,
access to authorized technology patents nearly 600,
more than second to tenth of the industry's total,
in 2015 revenue exceeded 6 billion 500 million.
Reporters first saw Mao Zhongqun,
dressed in a light blue shirt,
wearing a pair of frameless glasses,
spoke softly,
the book was angr