How to choose a perfect toaster only let you not get up gas

r is generally used,
English Toaster,
also called a toaster.
Called the toaster is because this thing to see a lot of production manufacturers are called officially called the toaster.
The toaster has only one function that is,
you can bake bread,
usually for breakfast.
Now employees usually morning time is urgent,
so can brush my teeth and wash my face before sliced bread into the toaster,
such as toilet out,
immediately eat baked golden brown on both sides,
the warm fragrant bread,
this is you can add butter,
or add some vegetables,
ham like a sandwich.
Your love words can also be used for heating other things,
such as pie,
old Shanghai fried pie,
fragrant and delicious after heating.
Of course,
this is for men.
I heard that some girls get up in the bathroom for an hour in the morni