If Tao Tao hadn't played truant and didn't skate, he might have been a pilot now

I'm Zhang Ermao.
I answered the micro-blog welfare report by Li Fei'Er.
Before we WeChat sent her photos to ask questions,
but see little wife,
so go to micro-blog once again,
ha ha.
Did everyone answer correctly? Do not say much nonsense,
please enjoy today's voice gossip: today,
caring gossip,
growth Association,
welfare agencies still have nosy answer,
today prepared for everyone is the welfare of the United States and Korea makeup skin kit box Oh! There are a lot of cosmetics,
makeup mirror,
Princess Princess hair band what the girl heart overflowing ah! The little wives will love it!! Go to micro-blog and try your luck!

Now if iPhone7 join this function with the intelligent mobile phone is perfect

droid is used for a long time,
so the iPhone is this year the most worry is best to use the mobile phone! But do you think it's strange to use a mobile phone like iPhone? When you first use the apple / Android smartphone,
turn on the gravity sensor and turn your cell phone over,
and the screen will rotate with your body position! It was particularly touched: magic! Mobile phones can be so smart! And now there is only one feeling: this mobile phone gravity sensor is too annoying! Especially when lying in bed playing with mobile phones,
Sao shaking his mobile phone,
the entire screen is reversed! Special suck! Also,
the screen is getting bigger and bigger,
but the fingers are getting smaller and smaller! It hurts to use! Although individual mobile phone manufacturers have made a deep optimiz

Determinants of quality and mobile phone camera pixels it was

tell me about the history and evolution of the ISO and Cell sensors,
many readers also expressed interest in the IMX series of sensors.
Since the beginning of 14 years,
smartphone imaging quality has been catching up with the trend of digital cameras,
especially weak light and night scenes,
which were considered to be smart camera shooting pain scenes.
In addition to the optical anti shake,
the introduction of large optical ring,
and IMX series of sensors constantly optimize their own great relationship,
according to the previous style,
back to the stack type structure,
step by step to increase exposure under weak light.
The recently introduced DTI quality enhancement technology is similar to ISO Cell pixel structure said before,
to ensure adequate exposure of sensor under the premise,

No mother forced Hu Shi's anti rationalism and value of filial piety

lick the blue [] you view view highlights - Abstract ID:ipress Hu Shi music entertainment,
Jiang winter - two people are yearning for show love playing lively,
while Hu Shi is away,
Jiang Dongxiu is keen to put the dry daughter,
two people are seeking others identity and group ownership,
children often may be secretly competing  the victim of political family.
Study on Mr.
Hu Shi's books is to say what an immense number of books,
the field has not studied,
seems to have no.
But in every field are studied deep fine,
it is not.
Not to mention the historical data to continue to explore,
that is,
after the excavation of historical data,
each person uses the method and interpretation of the angle,
there may be different judgments and conclusions.
Other do not say,
single is concerned about Hu

Chen Nianxuan went to Ganges RIver for a sacrifice wash magnificence

lick the blue [] you view view highlights - Abstract ID:ipress imagined by human piety inspired by the Milky Way goddess,
how to fall into the human most willing to procreate,
and as a kind of silent flood swallowing million dirty,
no regrets floating on earth one dirty land,
I suddenly burst.
Cannot stop to Han laugh,
the default state of ignorance.
Someone asked me,
India is so dirty.
Why do so many people go to pilgrimage every year? For India,
you have only two concepts,
like the India gods,
which are distinct in character,
not love or hate,
without ambiguity.
body and pious bath in this river in the alternate road,
5000 years,
since the Milky Way line down to save the evil man,
the myth,
also carrying a million years urine flying mission.
She is the daughter of

Price war is not listed or the private enterprises sell better than foreign brands also depends on what 6 billion 500 million years

ing content,
click on the above topic we concern electricity daily Author: Yang Qinkun (WeChat ID:iyqkpd) source: Business (ID:sj998_) when after dinner,
Mao Zhong like usual,
take out a Analects of Confucius read from the bookshelf,
the wall clock ticking away,
he immersed himself in with the saints dialogue.
In 1996,
Mao Zhongqun and his father founded the Ningbo FOTILE kitchenware Co.
which has been for 20 years.
from 20 years ago,
the subversion,
the growth of leading enterprises,
access to authorized technology patents nearly 600,
more than second to tenth of the industry's total,
in 2015 revenue exceeded 6 billion 500 million.
Reporters first saw Mao Zhongqun,
dressed in a light blue shirt,
wearing a pair of frameless glasses,
spoke softly,
the book was angr

SUV must be safe

two SUV has been the favorite of consumers is a look more masculine look more safe and two is from IIHS (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) of SUV appears is not higher than the same level of the car safety car with SUV than usually in weight to the vehicle safety much higher according to the IIHS study the same body size under the weight of the greater the higher the key reason is that as the acceleration with the same engine to accelerate the competition in the car,
accelerate faster,
greater impact on the wagon,
accelerating more slowly and less affected when accelerating competition for collision (moving objects) similarly,
change speed also smaller carts therefore,
the impact force of SUV is also smaller than the car body size second is the very good understanding of SUV

Remember, your cell phone was so innocent years ago?

ted by Feng Xiaogang,
starring Ge You's New Year movie file mobile phone has Huoji temporarily,
in the relentless exposure the age at the same time,
we also fall into the young memory depth of remembrance.
If you haven't seen this film,
at least you have in the SMS inbox is full of all the memories,
about the Ta in those years,
the mobile phone message box can only save twenty messages,
finally leaving all my most cherished memories; and now,
I have a can save hundreds of thousands mobile phone text messages,
he couldn't find that and I can chat late into the night people.
as mentioned above.
The rapid development of mobile phone industry,
so that people gradually abandoned the traditional way of communication and life,
under various social software and application of the bombardme

How to choose a perfect toaster only let you not get up gas

r is generally used,
English Toaster,
also called a toaster.
Called the toaster is because this thing to see a lot of production manufacturers are called officially called the toaster.
The toaster has only one function that is,
you can bake bread,
usually for breakfast.
Now employees usually morning time is urgent,
so can brush my teeth and wash my face before sliced bread into the toaster,
such as toilet out,
immediately eat baked golden brown on both sides,
the warm fragrant bread,
this is you can add butter,
or add some vegetables,
ham like a sandwich.
Your love words can also be used for heating other things,
such as pie,
old Shanghai fried pie,
fragrant and delicious after heating.
Of course,
this is for men.
I heard that some girls get up in the bathroom for an hour in the morni

[you ask me] fishing friends for help, you dare to answer it?

iends for help,
you dare to answer it? Dare to look down! Q1: small,
ask how should choose to catch carp fishing? Is it better to use a 7.
2 meter pole than 5.
4 meters? Q2: yesterday in a water pond (natural growth,
not fish feeding,
clear water,
water depth of about one meter) fishing pond,
visual four or five pounds of carp,
fishing time from 12 noon to half past five in the afternoon,
fishing is not tilapia,
what reason is this? Q3: Xiao Bian,
what's the correct drift method for fishing? How should I adjust the heading and the fishing order? Xiao Bian can only cast a brick and stick to it! It may be this drop of small carp fishing fishing A1: to find the best growth of water plants,
or near shore where there is humus.
Rainy season,
optional channel,
branch or stream

Wenwan purchase consulting

nt biography decorated 1 micro signal: Huier_530 long by two-dimensional code recognition attention to buying advice: all kinds of goods on hand Wenwan,
south red,
spinel and other types of color treasure.
Modern high-end micro signal: longtenggw long by two-dimensional code recognition attention: high-end custom Wenwan men buying advice.
This ancient biography decorated 2 micro signal: jgcs001 long by two-dimensional code recognition attention: purchase consulting lobular red sandalwood,
Jin Gang,
water hyacinth,
arborvitae (bracelets,
Tridacna (string,
hand carved pieces,
) liu.
This ancient biography decorated 3 micro signal: jgcs002 long by two-dimensional code recognition attent