Who says tea can only be used to drink, smart people use it

ou do to guide a cup of tea? Do you have any other uses besides soaking and drinking? The answer is yes! On weekdays,
love tea friends,
after the tea bubble must not throw away ~ use much more than you imagine! 1,
tea leaves,
soaked tea leaves,
do not throw! Collected on the balcony to dry,
dried leaves accumulated,
you can fill the pillow.
A tea pillow on the bed with tea,
elegant fragrance ~ because the tea cool,
but also can be a good sedative centering,
play a brain and heat effect.
drive mosquitoes,
tea dry,
in addition to making pillows,
can also be used to drive mosquitoes.
Put the tea leaves into a small stove to ignite,
especially in the summer night.
The effect of tea smoke is not less than that of mosquito repellent incense,
or it can be put into the toilet to burn,
and it ca