Those who are at the height of their careers must enlist in the army

e: Sina,
every Korean man has to go through military service,
someone enlist,
someone will be released from the army,
and some people are preparing to enlist.
Even the stars are no exception.
Let's take a look at the stars who will join the army this year and face the army.
Eom Hongsig was born in 1986 and won't join the army until he was 30.
Recently in the six days of the final mapping Longfei Eom Hongsig said in a press conference enlistment date has not been determined,
the army did not receive notice,
still waiting.
But for the duty to perform military service,
I will follow reasonable and lawful procedures and obey orders.
By virtue of veteran,
thinking and six days of mourning and other works for the fiery dragon popularity o