The secret of energy management to make you more energetic

ways been a talk about time management on Wednesday.
Some people think that if there is more time (or more efficient use of time),
you will become more productive.
I first learned that this view was written by Jim Carol (Jim Loehr) and Tony Schwarz (Tony Schwartz) Engagement Power Full of (The).
The book offers a view to replacing time management with energy management,
and details the philosophy of life behind energy management.
This is a very good book.
I would like to recommend it to you all.
The basic idea of this book is that,
compared with time,
what we lack is energy.
You have 24 hours each day,
but you can't keep it productive for 24 hours.
Your energy is limited.
before the end of the day,
you're exhausted.
For example,
part of my income comes from freelance writing.
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