The same father, the same mother, and the doctor, Hou Yaohua's triplets, niece, no matter how silly change is not clear

i Nono remember some time ago that Luhan red became invincible net red mailbox? The witty book found three different styles in the fans who went to take pictures! Just ignore their photographer,
left sister paper closed,
or this is a little clearer,
there is wood to remember who they are? A wooden sense of deja vu?!! Well,
not guessing,
whom Hou Yaohua triplets niece yo! Never thought ah,
time is so long,
baby still confused the three sister paper.
The first time I heard them.
in 2014 when three people delegation to participate in the I am not a star,
also sang the green apple,
is to create a female version of the little tigers catch foot at that time,
their style is neither sauce may be a lot of people think the reasons for their appearance is not good,
then they went to Z