The cup LOL gaming contest kicks-off.the Chengdu Railway Station

un online news: the second leg of the national LOL Challenge Tour will be launched in Chengdu.
The game continues for the Chengdu university students,
after the first Yunnan contest,
presumably all of Thor cup LOL eSports girl group days of great concern.
as long as you dare to sign up,
and have absolute confidence and calm,
and brave to accept the challenges of your sisters,
you will receive the excellent cash prize provided by Raytheon,
and reap great gifts.
Chengdu Railway Station,
here we come! The Z-Girl cup beautiful day mission with Yunnan station Chengdu Railway Station Corps division by Internet qualifier and campus PK race two,
Internet cafes and peripheral qualifier held in May 8th,
the winning players will receive the qualification and beautiful day mission to a showdown.