Saki Aibu, a Japanese female artist, announced that I had been married. I was stupid, but he always stood by me. I wanted to form a warm family full of laughter with him

wedding boom last year,
the Japanese wedding circle also has a wedding peak this year.
A few days ago,
Keiko Kitagawa has just held a wedding,
live wedding is like this in May 3rd,
female artist Saki Aibu also issued a marriage statement.
Actress Ai Takesaki (30),
male and married hyperplastic.
The firm has through the course,
each agency in an out of FAX or send the flying straight and hyperplastic table.
Not for private - or strong love or patience on the child after the see after the guard on the other and,
in terms of temperature,
on the last smile after Che - family or live at last: live with building and thinking and at last the ~ masu live in.
Female artist Saki Aibu (30) in May 3rd issued an official statement through the firm,
said: the same circle of outsiders married.