Please look at us rationally as people who have been practicing football since childhood

dent days,
sports students must be controversial groups,
if it is to practice football,
it must not let other people understand.
They will think that this path is nothing more than an excuse for children who don't want to fall back on their studies.
But is that really the case? We may be the most reluctant to learn in your eyes.
But please do not put us with Internet addiction youth classified in a piece,
because we are training in the time of the effort,
competition among the desperately,
and rivalry,
you do not know,
do not care.
Compared with network addiction juvenile,
we have really tried and worked hard! We may be the most impulsive,
best fighting group in your eyes.
The game is a play on the pitch against,
we can not be elegant and,
we need to stand up for