NBA said twenty-fifth town girl love Jeremy

ennessee (the state of Memphis,
where) never watch basketball town girl,
why roasting have a crush on Jeremy Lin? Every Wednesday,
to hear the joke.
Let's talk about it today: a thousand miles of love,
a thread of lead,
a girl to see the book.
Kan NBA,
continue to tell about the legend of spurs.
The age of Duncan,
how many years of age can you say,
let's talk about it today.
In a blink of an eye,
said NBA broadcast to twenty-fifth.
This season,
the show said a total of 30,
every Monday.
In 5 weeks,
that is to the finals,
McCain laughed to temporarily come to an end,
the next season to talk.
Last week the last concentration and recording,
invited a lot of friends like to joke to the studio.
There was one feature this time,
especially the girls.
To the exchanges are all young men,
no girlfri