Before you train a child's good habits, you must break these three bad habits

s for children's physical and mental health and learning progress is of far-reaching significance.
William James (psychologist): sow an action,
reap a habit sow a habit,
reap a character sow a character,
reap a destiny which family education is particularly important,
it will affect the child's life.
Parents as children's first teachers,
the family as the child's first class,
in the development of children's good habits have an unshirkable responsibility.
When you grow up,
do you find it difficult to keep on doing something for a long time?.
And as a parent,
how do you deal with it? Is to allow their children to do their own,
or earnestly scolded (at O / / at)? How to cultivate children's active learning,
to learn good habits to go15,
but first you need to know is that oO Oo was not the