A set of clothes, a memory, a kind of feelings

I cleaned up my wardrobe and found the ball service I played when I played a long time ago.
They were worn at school,
worn on professional teams,
and worn by some companies when they played.
Of course,
many of these clothes have been worn out because size is wrong.
The professor also regret it,
time is a butcher's knife.
There is a sense of surprise is actually found a set of 96 bulls Jersey at the bottom of the box.
Of course,
workmanship can not be as delicate or even rough as in pictures.
But the price is not cheap,
exactly 45 yuan.
This price is not cheap in the purchasing power of the year.
Pick up a shirt than a touch.
In my mind,
I suddenly appeared the picture of that year.
A gang because Jordan just know the bulls,
just know NBA children,
dressed in quality is not good Bu