Worth 54 billion 300 million dollars in Jobs's best friend at the age of 71 global young model this CEO is delicious

son is the world's fifth richest man,
worth 4 billion 300 million.
He is the founder of the Oracle Corp (Oracle).
It is the longest serving CEO in Silicon Valley history.
Although he is not the richest man in the world,
his wealth growth is the first in the world in 1988-2015 years,
and the speed is as high as 14658%.
- scared the baby.
little detective is coming to tell you about the Silicon Valley (QI) PA.
Before the age of 32,
his wife ran without a single success also prodigal,
owe a debt ass don't think he has a rich dad,
Allison don't know his father who is 48 years old when the first time I saw mother.
He was 9 months old when it was mother gave uncle an adoption.
The story is not so dramatic,
not malicious mother abandoned him,
but at that time,
Allison almost lost his l