Why do you have 10 years experience, but you can not become an expert?

[li] The Beast (Professor-Li) have asked: why some people are not old,
experience is not much,
but can be good at complex things,
how to do? Therefore,
this article will answer this question: how to become an expert in any field.
How do you become an expert in your field? Some people say that they are mainly experienced,
some say talent,
but a large number of studies have found that neither experience nor talent is a key factor in becoming an expert.
Experience doesn't make you an expert.
Anyone who has been working for 10 years is experienced,
but most of them are not experts in the field.
A study by the NSEAD School of business found that,
in general,
more experienced managers did not produce effective results than those with only a small amount of experience.
Talent doesn't make