Way, time and time, Zen (Mei Wen)

play music,
it has to accompany you to read.
On the morning of May,
open the window,
the eye,
is a light green,
there will be a breeze blowing,
the slightest green branches in secretly enchanting.
Pick up a cool,
a good quiet dense in tea,
the wind in my hair,
also brought the fragrance of flowers.
Sitting in the window,
immerse yourself in Chengyang slender heart,
and the soft warmth,
that is the taste of happiness.
Fleeting dark change,
the day will always be drifting away.
The sky,
sometimes sunny,
sometimes cloudy,
along the way,
has long been accustomed to enjoy solitude,
habits and rain peers,
accustomed to feeling all hidden,
only the bright gift of time.
With the increase of age,
more and more love the simple things,
subtle love flowers,
love color plain,