Siri's twin brother VIV to sit and watch the Siri was suspended

eporting] May 5th news,
according to foreign media reports,
Siri co-founder next week will publicly showcase the new virtual voice assistant VIV,
which will be VIV's first public appearance.
Dag Kittlaus and Adam Cheyer is the co-founder of Siri,
apple acquired Siri,
leaving the two founders of the firm,
they solo and create a new voice assistant VIV.
Foreign media reports said,
VIV is more powerful than Siri,
in dealing with complex requirements on the ability,
it is much better than Siri,
users can make VIV booking or booking tickets,
compare fares.
Viv can complete the other work including,
on a visit to relatives on the road,
I need to buy high-quality wine and lasagna,
and help me find a place in the Caribbean,
let me take children on holiday in the last week of March