Next to our world, there is a new world

ected by a tunnel,
as in parallel space and time.
There were countless immortals and fairies living there.
Although they are next to the man on the side of the tunnel,
the human senses can never capture their presence.
Spirited away story took place here.
The approaching world side,
there is a new world of spirited away it won the Oscar Award for best animated feature works,
in the form of fairy tale tells the children are happening around the real story.
Children aren't what they have in their parents' hands.
They have to learn the rules of the world and discover the beauty of their own hearts.
Even in the fairy world,
not all are good people.
The contest against evil is everywhere.
with the help of friends,
Zhao successfully got on the train home.
At home,
the 2001 film was