It is Matsumoto Jun who is the most suitable TV character to be announced

ma 9 days: 99.
9 criminal lawyers since its launch in April 17th,
in spring season ratings winner,
Matsumoto Jun in the play specifically to solve criminal cases by the lawyer,
popular momentum to continue to attack.
Since its debut,
Matsumoto Jun,
a member of the LAN group,
has starred in many classic TV plays,
leaving many impressive characters.
Japanese media recently on the Matsumoto Jun best suited to the role of TV investigation,
received a total of 1977 votes,
the results of the boys Tsukasa with absolute advantage ranked first.
The man of fashion is a TV play launched by TBS television in October 2005.
The play is adapted from Kamio Hako's comic book,
starring Mao Inoue,
Matsumoto Jun,
Shun Oguri,
Matsuda Shota,
and others.
Matsumoto Jun's deep persistent Tsukasa swept Japan