How the future development of our country city during 13th Five-Year will build nineteen city groups

on: Fang Chuanglin,
a researcher at the Institute of geography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,
told reporters that the original idea was that of the 20 urban agglomerations.
These urban agglomerations are of different levels,
first of all,
the establishment of 5 national level urban agglomerations,
followed by the establishment of 9 regional urban agglomerations,
and the third level is the construction,
guidance and cultivation of 6 regional small urban agglomerations.
National Development and Reform Commission issued a document in its official website on May 3rd,
pointed out that the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration development plan has been completed and reported to the State Council for approval.
North Bay,
Central Plains and other urban agglomerations have been included in t