Financing 15 million, he was stripped of the immigration industry loophole, 200 intermediaries to test the water, white-collar loans, immigration business

the Internet business,
he began to learn to wear a T-shirt and jeans.
This paper | pencil lead reporter Wang Shu from the first countdown to catch up is difficult,
another way can quickly grasp the initiative.
Find no one involved in the field,
do subdivision category of the first.
These years,
Yang Ping practice the idea,
want to create many domestic first.
In 2001,
less than a year after the judicial examination,
Yang Ping set up an earlier law firm that focused on Off Shore Company services.
Ten years later,
he found opportunities in the area of immigration law services,
becoming an immigration lawyer.
In 2015,
he took the lead in setting up a professional immigration law firm in the country,
attracting more than 10000 lawyers to join,
and was banned by more than 200 traditi