don't know,
one was aware of their side there are so many are fasting,
or have had people or to Bigu fasting.
In the work Zifeng Komori sent a want to Bigu feeling,
the day there are a lot of friends told him the experience or want to go.
Among them are young students up to the age of 20,
older people aged sixty or seventy.
Reporter survey found that Bigu was once seen as the health and the health of the pronoun,
is full of mystery,
already beyond the food grain literal interpretation.
Case more than 50 year old doctor would lost more than 10 pounds as a more than 50 year old Mr.
now the figure and the same age,
continuous horizontal development.
the daughter to get married,
the father only,
is a thin,
neat with her down the aisle.
Wang decided to try a fasti