[Dong Mingzhu]. Traditional enterprise Internet self revolution do you think she only for GREE mobile phone endorsement of her ambition was electric robot

ment community first - Chinese entrepreneurship and investment portal [editor's note] this is a crazy era,
this is a subversion of the era,
the retail entity by Taobao to subvert the traditional home appliance sales,
Jingdong was overturned,
NOKIA is apple subversion,
operators SMS by Tencent WeChat subversion,
Internet banking is the financial the subversion of the traditional industries,
as if overnight Internet was singled out one by one.
Once those mighty giants,
either fall or transformation,
there is no eternal king of the world.
The Internet is to China all-powerful and eliminate the potential impact on traditional industries,
everything can be rewritten and subversion.
[2016 the investment community special planning -- the traditional Internet giant],
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