Beijing convenience store soared, you guess is Beijing figured out, or convenience store figured out the CBNweekly cover story?

e store street smoke rich,
Beijing may become the second Shanghai,
but the premise is that it must have a steady leap.
If you want to buy a lunch at the convenience store of the world business plaza at 12 in the afternoon,
you may be lined up with 40 people from a nearby office building.
Good world commercial plaza is located in Beijing East sanhuan,
at the entrance to a merchant has not yet settled,
the negative layer has 15 restaurants,
takeaway delivery in and out from time to time,
there are 3 convenience stores in a street here.
a convenience store in Japan,
opened the entrance to the back door of the mall.
A door opened behind the shopping mall,
facing customers from other offices.
A door opened at the escalator.
From the escalator down to the negative floor,
the ten step is